To Dream A Different Dream (1998)

This book is the inspiring story of a factory worker, Robert Grimminck a father of five children, who at age 34 received a serious spinal injury from an industrial accident. Worse than his back injury, was for Robert facing the reality of being a functional illiterate, an embarrassing secret he kept most of his life. In order for Robert to regain control of his life he went back to school to get his high school diploma. But that was only the beginning of a fantastic and unbelievable journey. Because of an English teacher who encouraged him to keep a daily journal, he used that diary to describe his personal journey through adult education and how he overcame physical and learning obstacles. Through his incredible journey he not only discovered the power and magic of words, but also became a product designer, author and poet capturing many prestigious awards and developing adult and college programs along the way.

This book is divided into three parts : the first part is of Robert's incredible journey from the time he started adult education to the time he finished College winning the highest award. The second part is of the poetry that he wrote at that time, and the last part is a personal interview with his friend, international author, poet and doctor in psychiatry, Dr. K. Sohail, which captures Robert's persona and ties the whole book together.

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