The Language of Literacy (1998)

A National Resource Directory of Aboriginal Literacy Programs

The Language of Literacy: A National Resource Directory of Aboriginal Literacy Programs is the first directory of its kind in Canada. It attempts to gather, in narrative form, critical–core information about the operations of Aboriginal literacy programs throughout Canada — from east to west to north. It is a comprehensive, representative sample of Aboriginal literacy initiatives operating in both urban, rural and remote regions of the country.

Under the direction of a group of passionately committed, resource-strapped, often isolated and always busy literacy coordinators and practitioners, these Aboriginal literacy programs offer learners and students opportunities to reacquaint themselves with the challenges of learning. These programs are almost always learner-centred, operating in a welcoming and nurturing environment that moves at the pace of the learner, recognizes the integrity of the whole person, and attempts to remove the negative baggage and experience of previous institutional education experiences.

This resource directory is meant to serve as a thread of contact among these "diamonds in the rough", serving, it is hoped, as a point of convergence, as an opportunity to share information and learn from the vast depth of experiences which comprise the important arena of adult learning within Aboriginal communities.

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