The Level Descriptions Manual (2000)

A Learning Outcomes Approach to Describing Levels of Skill in Communications & Numeracy

The manual is based on the skills listed in the matrix of Working with Learning Outcomes (1998). The summary statements in The Level Descriptions Manual provide literacy assessors and learners with a summary of skills for each level of the communications outcomes of Read with Understanding for Various Purposes and Write Clearly to Express Ideas as well as each outcome in the numeracy domain. The summary statements also present LBS (Literacy and Basic Skills) program content in a way which can be easily understood by people outside LBS-funded agencies in Ontario. Although the manual is based on the matrix, two revisions have been made, in the interests of clarity and ease of use. These are in the domains of numeracy and self-management and self direction where two component learning outcomes have been integrated to create one component learning outcome, i.e. Use Number Sense and Computation and Become a Self-Directed Learner.

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