Highlights from the Canadian Report (1996)

Reading the Future: A Portrait of Literacy in Canada

This report synthesizes the results of the International Adult Literacy Survey (IALS), for Canada. IALS was a seven-country investigation undertaken in the fall of 1994. Its main goal was to create comparable literacy profiles across national, linguistic and cultural boundaries. Highlights from the Canada Report include :

Demographic distributions of literacy in Canada
Economic dimensions of literacy in Canada
Literacy practices in Canada
Measuring the success of the IALS
Appendices contain details on participants, literacy performance on three scales : prose, document and quantitative, as well as international standard occupational classification breakdowns at different group titles.

Regional distributions of literacy levels in Canada are examined, and results of IALS are compared with those of LSUDA (1989), Literacy Skills Used in Daily Activities. Other variables taken into consideration are : literacy and educational attainment, literacy and language, literacy and age. Under economic dimensions of literacy, researchers investigate relationships between literacy and employment.

The statistical data in the document are broken down by language, age, gender and religion. It provides new information with which to evaluate Canadian policy on literacy, education, and socio-economic development. The report gives Canadians a glimpse of their possible future, by opening a window on their life at home, in the community and in the workplace.

This publication is a joint effort of Statistics Canada, Human Resources Development Canada and the National Literacy Secretariat. It can be ordered at a cost of $49.00 through Statistics Canada, Operations and Integration Division, Circulation Management, 120 Parkdale Avenue, Ottawa, ON K1A 0T6, Tel. (613) 951-7277, or 1-800-263-1136, Fax (613) 951-1584. E-mail : order@statcan.ca (96.10.05)

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