Literacy Needs/Resources Assessment In Lunenburg County (1998)

This publication was sponsored by the Lunenburg County Adult Learning Network, with support from the National Literacy Secretariat. The Lunenburg County Adult Learning Network is composed of volunteers who are interested in improving the knowledge and capabilities of residents of the County. The members of the Network realized that they needed knowledge of the spectrum of resources that is available for adults who are interested in increasing their language, arithmetic, and general knowledge skills.

To this end an application was made to the NLS for funds to pursue the following objectives:
- To perform a literacy needs assessment.
- To assess current literacy service capability in the County.
- To develop a community-based strategic plan.

During the literacy needs assement, 609 adults in 350 households were interviewed from different communities in Chester and Lunenburg Counties. They found that between 1991 and 1998 there was a 33% decrease in the number of persons who had less than a grade nine education. Also, there was an increase of 50% in the number with a university degree. This suggests that the education and skills level in the County have increased in the last seven years.

There are still many adults who want more training or education. Estimates show that from 12,200 to 15,100 persons want a course of some kind. These courses include upgrading, computer use, trade skills, business courses, the arts and crafts, health, business, and university topics. The main restriction for one-half of these adults is to have the time and money to continue their education and skills training. The several agencies that are involved need to meet regularly in order to know how to bring their programs together. There needs to be a method to let interested persons know of the help that is available; this applies also to learners who live outside of the major towns and communities. Both learners and professionals are working together at this moment to do the necessary work.

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