Looking Back, Looking Forward: A Conversation with Workplace Educators (2000)

The impetus for this paper is based on a presentation the author gave to the Manitoba Association of Workplace Educators and Consultants (MAWEC) in March 1999, as part of the Workplace Education Practitioners' Think Tank coordinated by MAWEC and sponsored by the National Literacy Secretariat. The original question MAWEC asked her to respond to was "How can workplace educators prepare to serve their clients' needs?" The author wanted to expand the thinking on this original question by getting the perspectives of a small number of colleagues who had been working in the field for the last 10 years or more. She thought that talking to people who had started at the beginning of the development of the field, could deepen and enrich the thinking about where we have been, where we are and how we need to develop in the future as workplace educators.

This conversation includes workplace educators from Canada, the US and the United Kingdom. Workplace education is used here as a generic term to describe workplace literacy programs that address the reading, writing, numeracy, second language learning and basic computer needs of the work force. Educational programs that address these needs may be job-specific, or a combination of job-related and non-work related, and they may be for any member of the work force.

For more information : Brigid Hayes, Program Manager, National Literacy Secretariat, HRDC, 170 rue de l'Hôtel de Ville, 8th Floor, Hull QC K1A 0J9, Tel (819) 953-5568, Fax (819) 953-8076.

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