Millennium Project Final Document (2000)

The face of adult literacy has changed dramatically over the past 10 years. In addition to literacy/upgrading, programs are being called upon to offer employment development skills, family literacy, life skills training and various short courses. Practitioners are also expected to offer expanded needs assessments as well as counseling supports. Literacy has expanded to include the workplace and the family as well as the individual. Clearly the roles of literacy practitioners have changed. The Millennium Project sought to determine program and practitioners' needs and how they could best be addressed both now and into the future.

Mail-out surveys were relied on to gather information. Completed surveys were returned by 25 instructors and/or coordinators and 7 literacy working group members, representing 17 programs, or about half of the provincially funded literacy programs. Respondents gave complete and thoughtful responses to the surveys, and represented a range of program types, sizes and locations. As a result, the data collected in this way provides a valid basis for analysis and recommendations. The report contains the following sections, among others : Strengths of community-based programs; Changes in learner base; Curriculum and materials; Learner supports and retention of learners; Workplace change; Marketing to employers; Practitioner recruitment and retention, etc.

For information : Stevenson-Brittania Literacy Program, 363 Thompson Drive, Winnipeg MB R3J 3E5, Tel. (204) 837-3521, Fax (204) 832-9199.

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