Starspell 2001 (2001)

This software review from CONNECT features Starspell 2001 by Fisher-Marriot. Starspell is a spelling program for learners who like to work through a range of spelling rules in an orderly progression.

This software package is designed to incorporate many of these areas of work to help the learner acquire and develop skill in spelling. Both content and overall design make it suitable for use by adult learners, as part of a general program of literacy development or by a motivated independent learner who wishes to improve his or her spelling. The "Starspell Approach" to spelling, as described by the producers of the software, is the balanced co-existence of code, pattern and word parts. The program includes material intended to teach the "code" that links sounds to letter symbols, to help the learner acquire a bank of visually memorized words and letter strings and to understand the role of word parts, e.g., the 'ed' ending, the 'g' in sign and signal.
Starspell 2001 has 3 main components: Spell, the main learning activity; Games; and Records & Worksheets. The program is customizable so you can alter the look and sound for individual learners. Tasks can be made simpler or more difficult and features such as a keyboard on the screen can be added to help the learner. The word lists provided have a graded progression from 'one letter one sound' lists to 'prefixes, suffixes, roots'. In addition, users can create and add their own word lists. To order a copy of this resource, contact:

Peppercorn Books & Press Inc.
PO Box 693
Snow Camp NC 27349 USA
Tel: (336) 574-1634
Fax: (336) 376-9099

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