Working Lives of Adult Literacy Practitioners (2000)

This is a research project undertaken in response to a perceived high stress level among those who work in the field of adult literacy. The study considers practitioners who serve as executive directors/managers, tutor coordinators or instructors in both community-based and institution-based literacy organizations.

The purpose of this research is to explore the working lives of adult literacy practitioners. The objectives are to:
- give both a broader context and deeper understanding of the working lives of literacy practitioners.
- clearly define the challenges within this reality.
- make a comparison between organizations and determine if there are certain work situations that are better than others, and if so, why
- determine if there are support systems within organizations that are more effective, and if so, why
- determine what has caused certain organizations to experience undue stress in certain areas of operation, and
- provide recommendations for the improvement of support and communication systems around literacy practitioners.

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