A Toolbox for ESL Tutors (2000)

An Instructional Guide for Teaching English as a Second Language to Newcomers

This book is designed for tutors or teachers of English as a Second Language. It provides lesson plans based on thematic units. The ESL Tutor Toolbox is designed to provide tutors/teachers with practical lesson activities. The Toolbox activities provide tutors/teacher with ideas for lessons that can be adapted and or expanded depending on the student's interest, goals and prior knowledge. The activities refer to a one-to-one learning context but can be easily adapted to a group situation. Although the title is ESL Tutor Toolbox, the lessons and activities can also be used by instructors of adult literacy tutoring or classroom programs.
This ESL Toolbox is a resource for tutors and instructors working with adult students wishing to improve their language skills, both English as a Second Language or literacy. Each theme consists of units containing hands on activities and practical techniques to assist the tutor with lesson planning. Each unit contains: initial assessment questions, a complete set of activity/lesson plans, handouts and a list of other resources which would be useful in lesson planning a particular theme.

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