Selected Writings & Activities (1998)

In celebration of World Literacy Day, September 8, 1998, the Calgary John Howard Society Literacy Program is pleased to present this collection of student writings and activities. Sincere congratulations are extended to the writers whose stories and poems are included in this booklet. Reflecting the dedication and hard work of both students and tutors, these poems and stories will be greatly enjoyed. They will serve to inspire and encourage others who strive to gain a voice, and to let their voices be heard.
Realizing the value of active student participation in their own learning and in the programs in which they are a part, it is hoped that this material will serve as a example of and encouragement for the possibilities of such active student participation within correctional institutions and literacy programs throughout Alberta and the rest of Canada. For more information : S. Linda Keam, Literacy Coordinator, Calgary John Howard Society, 917-9 Avenue S.E., Calgary AB T2G 0S5, Tel. (403) 266-4566, Fax (403) 265-2458, E-mail :

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