How To Kit - Family Literacy Activities Night (2003)

This document provides instructions, posters, invitations, etc. needed to organize, advertise, and hold a “family literacy activities night” to be enjoyed by the whole community. This event is a great way to promote reading in the family and community.

Celebrate Literacy in the NWT
NWT Literacy Council : Literacy Games for Adults

People of all ages can play literacy games. They can be a lot of fun. They can:

• help reduce tension
• make the learning environment more comfortable
• help build positive relationships, and,
• they're also educational.

You can play them in any language —English, French, or an Aboriginal language.

In this How to Kit, you will find :
- A variety of literacy games for adults, and supporting materials
- Ideas on how to adapt them to create more games
- Suggestions for adapting them to French or the Aboriginal languages

Examples of games are : Bingo, Scrabble, Alphabet Scavenger Hunt, Paper Bag Skits, Poetry Poems, Scattergories, etc.

The kit is also available online:

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