The Impact of ABC CANADA's LEARN Campaign (1996)

Results of a National Research Study

In 1994, ABC CANADA initiated the LEARN campaign, a national media campaign aimed at linking potential literacy learners with literacy groups. Throughout the campaign, ABC CANADA gathered information from selected literacy groups about the effect of the LEARN ads. This study is the first systematic national attempt to measure the impact of the LEARN campaign.

This 97-page report is the result of research done with potential literacy learners by numerous literacy groups throughout the country, and coordinated by ABC CANADA. The findings show that the LEARN campaign is having a strong influence in every province of Canada, ranging from 32% of phone calls in Manitoba, to 59% of calls in B.C. The report also provides demographic information about who calls literacy groups in Canada; for example, 88% of potential learners were between 16 and 44 years of age, and 36% of potential learners were unemployed. These various statistics are shown in a series of tables and figures. The publication is intended for literacy practitioners and administrators, and it presents valuable information on referral services in the literacy field.
This document is available at a cost of $7, from ABC CANADA, 1450 Don Mills Road, Don Mills, ON M3B 2X7, Tel. (416) 442-2292, Fax (416) 442-2293.

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