Listen to Women in Literacy (1994)

The Power of Woman-Positive Literacy Work

This book explains research done by CCLOW to find out what happened when women in literacy programs decided to do something they thought would be positive for women.

The book can help people understand what the researchers learned about women and literacy. It is hoped it will help readers imagine how to make literacy programs more positive for women. Some programs may use it to start people talking about women in literacy programs.

Some students who read this book before it was printed came up with ideas about how this book could be used in literacy programs. Here are some of their suggestions.
• The book could be read for information about the research.
• It could be used to start discussions in groups and to get ideas for writing.
• The book could be used for examples of things women can do when they get together.
• It could be used to let men know about the kinds of issues women think are important.

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