Women's Learning Needs Survey (1984)

This document is an analysis of a survey of 183 women from rural Nova Scotia, conducted in order to assess the learning needs of Nova Scotian women. The group of women surveyed embraced all ages, incomes and educational levels. The design of the questionnaire for the survey was intended to determine attitudes to the learning experience in its broadest sense, and also evaluate present and projected learning activities. The survey was also an integral step in the movement to establish an active women's network in Nova Scotia.

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Suzanne Rosson, Lynne Orchard, Pat Wylie and Gail Edwards. Women's Learning Needs Survey 1984. Web. 7 Oct. 2022 <http://en.copian.ca/library/research/survey/cover.pdf>
Suzanne Rosson, Lynne Orchard, Pat Wylie & Gail Edwards (1984). Women's Learning Needs Survey. Retrieved October 7, 2022, from http://en.copian.ca/library/research/survey/cover.pdf
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