Women in Literacy Speak (1994)

The Power of Woman-Positive Literacy Work

This book is one part of the public record of an exciting research project involving women across Canada during 1991 and 1992. Two women from each of twelve adult literacy and basic education programs asked themselves, "What happens when some women in a literacy program decide to do something they consider woman-positive?"

The book begins with a description of the women and programs that participated in this research, moves into a summary of the research background, methodology, and design, and then presents the themes that women identified during the process, the collaborative analysis, and the recommendations that grew out of women's ongoing interpretations of their work. The remainder of the book presents the material women and programs developed to document their woman-positive activity.

Readers interested in more detailed information about the research design, the methodological framework, the women who participated in this research, and what happened in each program should turn to the first book in this series, The Power of Women-Positive Literacy Work: Program-Based Action Research. http://en.copian.ca/canorg/cclow/doc/Power/cover.htm

Readers interested in using what happened to spark discussion among students and staff in their programs should turn to Listen to Women in Literacy - The Power of Women-Positive Literacy Work. http://en.copian.ca/canorg/cclow/doc/Listen_t/cover.htm

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