Dancing in the Dark (2003)

How do Adults with Little Formal Education Learn? How do Literacy Practitioners do Collaborative Research?

This is a report of a research project intended to answer two questions, 1) How do adults with little formal education learn?, and; 2) How do literacy practitioners do collaborative research? To both, there is a set of intricate steps that involve others: dancing. In both, there is a lack of formal training, education or certification to permit the dancers to do what they are doing: dark…thus, the title, “Dancing in the Dark”.

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Dee McRae, Kate Nonesuch, Paula Davies, Marina Niks and Darcy Allen. Dancing in the Dark 2003. Web. 18 Jan. 2021 <http://en.copian.ca/library/research/dark/dark.pdf>
Dee McRae, Kate Nonesuch, Paula Davies, Marina Niks & Darcy Allen (2003). Dancing in the Dark. Retrieved January 18, 2021, from http://en.copian.ca/library/research/dark/dark.pdf
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