Celebrating Success ... Stories of Learners & the BEAD Department (1994)

This document contains profiles of 16 adults who successfully completed programs in the Basic Education Alternative Delivery (BEAD) Department of the Calgary branch of Alberta Vocational College, now called Bow Valley College.

The students come from a wide range of backgrounds, and their achievements range from simply learning to read to going on to further education and employment. Most spent between six and 12 months at a BEAD centre before transferring to other programs.

The document includes an update on what the students were doing two years after completing their BEAD program.

The authors note that while this was not designed as a research document, common patterns concerning successful adult learning emerged from the profiles.

Program characteristics that encouraged success include individualized programs; caring, competent teachers; flexible program times and curriculum; support from other students; and proximity of learning centres to students' homes. Individual behaviours associated with success include establishing goals; attending regularly; completing extra work outside class; remaining positive; and persisting in the face of obstacles.

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