Retention through Redirection (2002)


The “Retention through Redirection” project extends the retention focus of the “What Works” project. The “Retention through Redirection” project is intended to further support Ontario colleges' retention efforts by building on the “What Works” project. The focus is on all Literacy and Basic Skills (LBS) learners who remain in the program but continue to be at risk of failing or dropping out.

This Protocol is the second part of a resource developed to provide LBS college practitioners with a redirection protocol to help them reflect on the elements of their programs that support student retention, both those that are working well and those that could be working better. The Protocol consists of seven features; each feature is described in detail presenting a number of issues and challenges related to learner retention. As much as possible, observations, suggestions, solutions and samples provided by LBS college managers, counselors, practitioners and learners have been included.

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