Electronic Communications Basics (1998)

Electronic Communications Basics is a step by step instruction guide for relatively new users of the Internet. This guide explains how to use Netscape Communicator 4 and it`s many features such as Netscape Navigator and Messenger for E-mail plus much more!
As the result of changes in technology and the changing needs of the literacy community, it has become necessary to investigate and implement methods of improving the means, and speed of communication. With the widespread use of the Internet, and many providers of Internet service available, an electronic communication method becomes the obvious choice.

This comprehensive manual has been constructed by the Southwestern Ontario Adult Literacy Network as a step by step instruction guide for the relatively new user of the Internet. Since the AlphaCom Network of Ontario recommends the use of Netscape Navigator rather than Microsoft Internet Explorer, the manual uses Netscape Communicator 4. Communicator 4 has many features including Netscape Navigator and Messenger E-mail. Also included is a section on using one's computer as a fax machine. This manual is written assuming that the user will be using Windows 95.

Contents include:

An Introduction to the Internet
Netscape Communicator 4
Address Book
Netscape Messenger
Netscape Navigator
AlphaCom Quick Start Guide
AlphaCom Web Discussions Help Notes
Sending Faxes
* The full text of the manual will be available shortly at the NALD Web site.

To order a print copy of the manual, contact the Southwestern Ontario Adult Literacy Network, 475 Caradoc Street South, Strathroy, ON N7G 2R1; Tel.: (519) 246-1577; Fax: (519) 246-1414; E-mail: soaln@ican.net In NALD's Literacy collection at http://en.copian.ca/CLR/ECB/cover.htm(98.03.03)

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