From Me .... to You (1996)

A collection of Stories by Adult Learners

The idea for this book began as a way of involving adult learners in telling about their experiences and hardships when their lives were in a state of turmoil. The cod moratorium in Newfoundland represented the end of an era, but at the same time, it provided many people with a degree of financial security they had never known before. Others were forced to make very difficult decisions affecting their own lives and those of their children.
By participating in a project such as this, adult learners had the opportunity to express any built up frustrations or concerns, to expose them to the interview and writing process, and to share their accomplishments with other learners.

The first part of the book contains personal stories, and the second part includes stories gathered by the learners themselves from their different communities. The publication is available by contacting Newfoundland & Labrador Rural Development Council, P.O. Box 306, Gander, NF A1V 1W7, Tel. (709) 256-8833, Fax (709) 651-3849.
ISBN 0-9696042-2-X (96.11.19)

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