Gander, from Past to Present (2000)

Personal Stories of the Military In Gander, Newfoundland

Personal stories of the Military in Gander, Newfoundland.
The stories presented in this publication are based upon the personal memories of the participating individuals. It is intended for adult students, as resource reading material. The sentences and font size were simplified for easy reading. Gander's rich military history is marked not only by the many significant war-time events that were associated with the forces that served in the area, but by the many personal stories and memories of the people that have worked at Gander over the years. These anecdotal experiences provide valued insight into life at the base, and help paint a picture of the changes that Gander has seen, from wartime, to the Cold War, and up to today's relative peacetime status. Even though Gander's role as an International Airport has diminished over time, there are still 800-900 international military flights that stop at Gander each year.

The colourful experiences that these international crews have brought to Gander have helped make the town one of the most unique places to live in Newfoundland. Many people remark that Gander has a character that is very different when compared to other Newfoundland towns of its size, and this is in large part due to the cosmopolitan and transient nature of life in a military and government town. This has given Gander a richness in history that is often best reflected in works such as this one. For information : Gander & Area Laubach Literacy Council, Inc., 175 Airport Blvd., Gander, NF A1V 1K6, Tel. (709) 256-7368, Fax (709) 256-26118. This book is available online in the NALD Literacy Collection. (01.01.24)

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