Highlights of Our Lives (1998)

A guide to creating Writing Circles for Seniors.

This guidebook takes as its starting point a two year project based in Prince George, British Columbia. This program was designed to introduce writing circles to senior citizens in the community. It traces the development of a structure for the writing circles that was created to address the perceived needs of the community and the Seniors.
The project, through the insight and suggestions of the participants, was augmented and refined. These suggestions included ideas on the type of material that the writers wanted to produce and the setting of personal goals for each learner. This manual is intended to provide insights and assistance to those who may wish to organize similar Seniors' Writing Circles in the future.

This manual is available online in the NALD Literacy Collection website. For further information regarding this manual, contact Maree Thair, College of New Caledonia, Prince George, BC V2N 1P8, Tel. (250) 561-5848, Fax (250) 561-5816. (99.09.29)

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