Knowing Your Welfare Rights & Responsibilities in Manitoba (2001)

Plain Language Advocacy Guide, A

This Guide attempts to answer some of the most frequently-asked questions about welfare, and gives readers helpful hints on how to deal with the welfare system. The Guide also lists organizations and resources that can address other questions and concerns you may have about the welfare system.

Author Janet Smith explains: “Literacy students and instructors have been saying for years that the welfare system is confusing. Most recipients don't fully understand their welfare rights and responsibilities. Instructors find the policies equally confusing. We felt it was time to interpret EIA legislation and policies, making this information accessible to the average reader.” The guide is written in plain, easy-to-read language, at an approximate grade 5/6 level. It is aimed primarily at welfare recipients, but can also be used as a teaching and advocacy tool for those who support people on welfare: literacy instructors, case workers, community organizations, advocates and others.

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