Adult Literacy Work in Canada (1992)

Adult Literacy Work in Canada provides a map of the state of literacy work in Canada, which identifies key issues in literacy for the 1990's. This study is offered as a stimulus to informed discussion and debate on literacy questions in various Canadian jurisdictions. It is also intended as a contribution to maintain the level of public awareness developed during 1990, International Literacy Year.

Ideas in the report have developed in many discussions among literacy practitioners and advocates. Many governmental policy documents and reports, and a number of civil servants, have been consulted. Some information has been drawn from a survey conducted by the Canadian Alliance for Literacy, a coalition of national organizations that seek to promote a more literate Canada. Reports of provincial and territorial representatives to the Movement for Canadian Literacy Board have been very helpful.

Adult Literacy Work in Canada is part of a larger project to enhance public understanding of the stake of Canadians in a literate society.

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