From One Who Works with Crones (1993)

Women's Education des femmes, Winter 1992-93 - Vol. 10, No. 1

Discrimination against older women is an educational form of violence in our society. Its ultimate end rationalizes the erasure of women's individual and collective presence, energy and empowerment which often grow and develop as women age. In an ageist and patriarchal society, aging in women is not just considered "ugly," but an outright disease.
In this article, the author examines how what we learn about growing old as women serves to rationalize and perpetuate the violence committed against us throughout our lives be it through commission, omission or outright denial. Also, she examines how a crucial aspect of violence prevention in relation to older women is celebrating and re-claiming our “her stories”, our "chronologies", and our "power-from-within".

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