Sick But Not Scared (1996)

A Children's Health Book to Reduce Their Fears of Illness and Disease , Revised Edition

Recommended for children under the age of 9 and written in words, language and illustrations that they can understand, this book contains brief and concise 'overviews' of numerous afflictions and illnesses.
This is a book for both parents and children to read through to gain insight to many conditions that a child or their friends or family may face during their early years. As children grow, their quest for knowledge increases immensely from the time they learn to walk and talk. Children will eventually ask parents why they get a fever, a cough, a headache; what happens when they go for x-rays, a check-up or to have a broken bone fixed. This book works on the principle that knowledgeable, informed children and parents are the best combination to reducing fears.
To order a copy of this book, contact : Friesens Publishing
Canadian Children's Programs
Winnipeg MB R3L 2T4
Tel. 1-800-447-8374 or (204) 452-7626.

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