Building Community Capacity: Focus on Adult Literacy (2003)

This handbook grew out of the Connecting Literacy to Community (CLC) project, carried out between 2001 and 2003 in three rural and three urban communities in central and southern Alberta. The purpose of the project was to work with communities to develop literacy awareness, promotion, and support, and to improve access to and the quality of existing services and programs.

The handbook would be useful for literacy practitioners and coordinators of community programs in adult and family literacy; for tutors, teachers, and community learning councils; and for such service providers as social workers, nurses, and librarians.

The handbook is organized into three parts, with the first part offering a description of the CLC project and its outcomes.

In the second section, the author describes in detail the tools and strategies used during the project and suggests ways that other groups can use them to advance adult literacy among community services. Topics include making contact; setting up interagency meetings; holding workshops; forming partnerships; and sustainability.

The third section explains how research for the project was carried out.

Document appendices include worksheets and templates that can be adapted by other groups, along with a list of references the project leaders found useful.

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