Putting Learning Technologies to Work for Literacy (2004)

The goals of this project were:
-To examine the extent to which adult literacy learners in Nova Scotia have access to learning through technology.
-To determine to what extent community-based literacy organizations use learning technologies effectively and with optimal outcome in their operations and service delivery.
-To develop an action plan for the optimal use of learning technologies in the delivery and support of adult literacy programming in Nova Scotia and a Pilot Project Proposal to the Office of Learning Technologies for its implementation.

According to the responses to the survey and the focus group discussions, the literacy community needs a great deal of assistance to be able to deliver the Adult Learning Program Curriculum in a manner that incorporates technology. The computer equipment they use is old, inefficient, frustrating and practitioners do not have the necessary skills to integrate technology into the program, yet over 80% of learners feel they need to use technology to find employment.

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