Reading, But Not Reading Well (1993)

Reading Skills at Level 3

This is a report from the Survey of Literacy Skills Used in Daily Activities.

Public discussion of adult literacy has often been unproductive because it has recognized only two categories: literate and illiterate. In the 1990s, a new category of adult reader was defined – The Level 3 reader. Canadians at this level can use reading materials in a variety of situations, provided the material is simple and clearly laid out, and the tasks involved are not too complicated. While these people generally do not see themselves as having significant reading difficulties, they tend to avoid situations requiring reading.

It is important that this category be well understood as approximately 22% of the adult Canadian population is at this level.

The purpose of this report is to set out in detail what was learned through research about adults with Level 3 literacy skills, and what implications that data has for adult literacy policy.

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