Themes from Rural Life (1998)

A Resource Book for Adult Literacy and ESL

This book is intended as a resource that can be used in a variety of flexible and creative ways to meet a wide range of needs in rural literacy programs.

The concept of a farming-based language-learning resource grew out of the authors' experience with new Canadians who immigrated to Manitoba to farm and who needed a working vocabulary to enable to interact with neighbours and the rural business community.
The writing samples in this booklet represent a variety of common genres. Written at various reading levels, using verb forms of varied complexity, these pieces can serve as models and springboards for oral and written language activities. To order a copy of this publication at a cost of $7.95 (plus shipping costs), contact:
Dan & Ellen Friesen
Box 91
Roblin MB R0L 1P0
Tel: (204) 937-4646.

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