Changing Paths (2002)

A literacy & life skills program for women in conflict with the law

In 1998, a program was undertaken by the Edmonton John Howard Society and the Elizabeth Fry Society of Edmonton, with the collaborative support of numerous community-based agencies and organizations. This program was especially designed for women who were in, or at risk of being in, conflict with the law. The program focused on an integrated literacy and life skills approach to learning, with a commitment to participatory approaches to education from a feminist perspective.

The program had three Phases: Phase One, research and the development of a conceptual framework, was conducted in 1998-1999; In Phase Two, the framework was tested through four program pilots held in Edmonton in 1999-2000; Phase Three began in September 2000 with the goal of integrating literacy skills into an already-existing life skills program.

This curriculum guide is a sequel to the curriculum developed in Phase Two. It is a record of selected Changing Paths program activities from September 2000 to June 2002.

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