Researching AlphaPlus Resources - September 2005 (2005)

Traditionally, college academic upgrading programs have not been strong users of the AlphaPlus Centre services.

In an effort to discover what AlphaPlus resources might be useful to college programs, especially at the more advanced levels, the College Sector Committee (CSC) recruited faculty from colleges across the province to research the suitability of resources available through AlphaPlus. Objectives of the project included helping colleges become aware of AlphaPlus services and resources, identifying gaps or barriers to their use, and increasing the Centre's awareness of the College Sector's resource needs and delivery environment.

The CSC research initiative was successful in meeting its objectives, particularly in increasing colleges' awareness of the kinds of resources and supports AlphaPlus provides. Eleven volunteers from seven colleges conducted an extensive search of three AlphaPlus services: AlphaRoute, Demonstrations Ontario, and Library Services.

The researchers discovered many creative, engaging, level-appropriate resources and detailed how these resources could be used in programming. They provided useful suggestions for improving resources. They also identified many gaps in resources, mostly in AlphaRoute and mainly in the area of Science.

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