Setting the Compass (1999)

A Program development and evaluation tool for volunteer programs in Alberta

This document is the final product of the Alberta Literacy Program Standards (ALPS) Project.

ALPS was a project of the Association of Literacy Coordinators of Alberta, and was funded by the National Literacy Secretariat.

Phase 1 of the project resulted in a set of good practice statements for volunteer literacy programs in Alberta, followed by a set of standards for those programs. Both the good practice statements and standards were developed in consultation with the province's literacy coordinators, who voted 98% in favor of approving them for use in the province's literacy programs. The purpose of Phase Two was to develop an evaluation process for programs to use for program development and accountability.

As with previous steps, the evaluation process was developed in consultation with the province's literacy coordinators. ALPS was jointly coordinated by Sharon Skage and Marnie Schaetti.

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