A Report on Adult Education and Training in Canada (2001)

Learning a Living

This report presents an exhaustive analysis of the results of the 1998 Adult Education and Training Survey (AETS). It also provides insight into adult education and training trends in Canada by bringing together results from previous surveys. The extent to which Canadians engage in a culture of adult learning is expected to have an impact on our social and economic success in decades to come. Learning occurs throughout life in a variety of contexts, both formal and informal.
The purpose of this report is to describe the extent to which Canadians engage in various formal and organised adult education and training activities, and how participation differs both over time and across provinces. With historical data taken from the AETS, the report sheds light on trends in formal adult education and gauge the nation's preparedness for the burgeoning knowledge society. The data offer information on the total volume of formal learning, on the structures of formal adult education and training, and on the characteristics of learners. This report provides a statistical portrait and analysis of demand and supply of formal adult education and training in Canada.

For more information on this publication, contact Customer Service, Statistics Canada, Tel. 1-800-307-3382 or (613) 951-7608, Fax (613) 951-9040, Email : educationstats@statcan.ca For additional copies of the report, please contact : Public Enquiries Centre, Communications Branch, Human Resources Development Canada, Hull QC K1A 0J9, Fax (819) 953-7260.

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