More Reading Materials for Stage 1 Learners (2005)

A Project Funded by the National Literacy Secretariat, 2004-2005

This package contains worksheets which include reading, writing, document use and oral communications activities related to each of the books.

The books (A Woman's Courage, Mama's Song, Hopes and Dreams, Voice Like an Angel and That's the Way I Like it!) were graded by the Edward Fry "Graph for Estimating Readability". The books have readability levels ranging from grade 2.0 to 2.5.

Before attempting to read the books and complete all or some of the worksheets, the learners should have a fairly good grasp of beginning and mid-stage one level reading.

By the time the learners are at an upper stage 1 level, they should be fairly proficient in the skills outlined in "word recognition and graphic knowledge", and "grammatical awareness". They should also have some proficiency in the skills outlined in "reading comprehension and textual awareness". The five books and the worksheets give extensive practice in the latter.

Note: Learners can use some of the pages in the activity package to complete assisgnements for their stage books. Remind learners that they need to use a different text for each task they complete.

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