Weaving Literacy Into the Fabric of Life (2005)

The Fredericton Regional Family Resource Centre, in partnership with the national training program, Weaving Literacy into Family and Community Life and The National Literacy Secretariat has developed a series of Weaving Literacy into the Fabric of Life workshops.

The objectives of the workshops are:

- To increase public awareness of literacy issues and of the importance of life long learning
- To help service providers in the Fredericton area and Family Resource Centres around the province to examine the effectiveness of their service to those with literacy challenges
- To encourage service providers and Family Resources Centres to act as a link between literacy programs and those who might benefit from attending them
- To provide a resource guide containing a list of pertinent reading material as well as contact information and programs available to people who wish to improve their skills or for those wishing to become involved in the literacy field in some capacity.

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