Survey Report - Speech Assisted Reading and Writing (SARAW) (2005)

Literacy and Disabilities Study (LaDS)

The Literacy and Disabilities Study (LaDS) project conducted a survey of literacy and other community programs in Canada that use the Speech Assisted Reading and Writing (SARAW) computer program with adults with disabilities.

The purpose of the survey was to learn about different delivery models and educational settings where adults with
disabilities use SARAW to help them develop and strengthen reading and writing skills.

The programs in this survey, that use SARAW, are mostly community-based adult
literacy programs. A few other programs provide support, outreach or residence for people with disabilities.

This report documents the methodology, findings and recommendations from the
SARAW survey, which consisted of face-to-face and phone interviews with learners, tutors, instructors and coordinators in programs that use SARAW. The report also
includes case studies of two programs.

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