Enhancing Literacy Research in Canada (1998)

Framework for the Research Support Activities of the National Literacy Secretariat, Human Resources Development Canada, A

Since its inception, the National Literacy Secretariat (NLS) has supported research as one of the important elements in its work to advance literacy in Canada. In light of the 1995 evaluation of the NLS and the February 1997 increase in NLS funding, the Secretariat decided to reassess the focus of its research support activities. This paper is the result of that review and presents the resulting framework for the future of NLS research support activities. The framework is intended to enhance the cooperation between the NLS and its partners to support research itself and to promote the dissemination and application of research results to literacy policy and practice. This framework will guide future NLS efforts to strengthen research and enhance its relevance to the broad goals of both the NLS and the literacy community.

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