Family Literacy in Ontario (2006)

Putting it on the MAP!

The positions and recommended actions in this working paper are framed and informed by a recent province-wide study survey of the state of family literacy programming in Ontario, commissioned by Action for Family Literacy Ontario (AFLO), a working group of the Ontario Literacy Coalition (OLC). With a focus on Anglophone programs, this study found that the family literacy field is too under-funded and under-developed to meet the level of need in the province.

This position paper presents a vision of a professional, fully funded and secure infrastructure for family literacy. Investing in family literacy programming is a concrete and proactive way to address the educational and training needs of Ontario's future. By investing in family literacy, Ontario can take its place on the national stage as a leader in the field. AFLO is looking to family literacy stakeholders to reflect upon and contribute to the development of the positions and actions in this working paper. Ultimately, AFLO will be looking to the government to recognize the needs and benefits of the proactive, preventative approach that family literacy programming provides, and to answer the call to action outlined in the final position paper.

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