The Sky's the Limit (2006)

A Human Resource User Guide Targeting a Specific Client Group

This Human Resource User Guide focuses entirely on a target client group that have specific barriers to entering/re-entering the local labour market (i.e. minimal education, limited work experience, low self-esteem/confidence, social barriers, etc).

There are a variety of challenges that many in this target client group have to address prior to successfully entering or re-entering into the local labour market. These clients can be categorized as “marginalized clients” and in some instances they are clients that have “fallen through the cracks” in our society. It would be unfair to say that all clients in the target group have the same level of challenges or issues. With all employment counselling services, a client meets with a service provider/counsellor on an individual basis to discuss their own circumstances.

Overall with the target group, there are similar traits and characteristics and it is the intent of this Human Resource User Guide to highlight their generic characteristics and further define these characteristics based on learning experiences. As a result of outcomes from the

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