Yukon Literacy Strategy (2001)

The purpose of the strategy is to ensure that all Yukon people have access to training that meets their needs and allows them to benefit from social and economic opportunities. This strategy is designed to help Yukon people reach their full potential. The Yukon Training Strategy commits the Yukon Government to:
respect the needs of all Yukon people regardless of culture, gender, age, ability, financial means or location;
recognize the important role that volunteers play in our society;
provide opportunities for individual training and development;
partner with Yukon College, First Nations, non-government organizations (NGOs) and other stakeholders to provide resources so that Yukon people can acquire training;
plan for the long-term benefit of Yukon people through sustainable resource development
This will be the basis on which the Yukon government will continue to build an inclusive Yukon Literacy Strategy. All programs and initiatives undertaken in the Yukon Literacy Strategy will be consistent with the vision of the Yukon Training Strategy.

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