Tree of Life: Student Autobiographies (2002)

Every year, the Independent Studies class at Frontier College publishes a book of student writing. They have been doing this for 20 years. In 2002, we thought we would document a project that we worked on in our Self-Management/Literacy class from April to June of 2002. This project was about writing an autobiography.

It was about learning how to do three primary things: 1) remember and record what has happened in your life in the past; 2) understand and document what is happening in your life right now; and 3) dream about your life in the future and capture this dream on paper.

The project was also about using drawing as a way to generate writing. This book presents the technique we used during the project. Descriptions and illustrations of the technique are presented below. We include this so that other practitioners can use our technique as a method for creating student autobiographies.

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