Evaluating Learning (2005)

Qualitative Methods to Document and Assess Informal Literacy Learning

Frontier College is well known for it’s Student Centred Individualized Learning (SCIL) approach to helping people improve their literacy skills. Since SCIL is a flexible, student-centred, qualitative approach to learning, Frontier College is looking at ways use qualitative methods to document the effectiveness of their learning interventions.

This book presents a selection of qualitative tools to help Frontier College staff document learning. The book provides an updating of SCIL and its relation to “hybrid literacy”; a brief definition of “qualitative” versus “quantitative” with examples of qualitative tools applied across three levels of practice (micro/direct, macro/indirect, meta/capacity building); various methods for recording learning progress; a brief description of qualitative software and potential uses for Frontier College; and an overview of Independent Studies’ publications that outline further qualitative methods.

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