Improving Numeracy in Canada (2000)

The purpose of this paper is to consider how numeracy can be improved in Canada, taking into account the experience so far, both in Canada and internationally.

The focus is on adult numeracy, particularly at the more basic levels and in the workplace.

This paper is based in large part on interviews with numeracy practitioners, who are listed in the annex. It is also based on a review of the relevant literature, as listed in the attached bibliography of books, documents and Web sites.

For more information contact : National Literacy Secretariat, Learning & Literacy Directorate, Human Resources Development Canada, Constitution Square, 360 Albert Street, 15th Floor Ottawa ON K1A 0J9, Tel. (613) 946-1388, Fax (613) 946-5882. The report is available online at : (02.06.13)

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