Pedagogy in practice (2005)

an observational study of literacy, numeracy and language teachers

The aim of this New Zealand study was to gain an overview of how teachers teach literacy, numeracy and language (LNL) in New Zealand, by observing 15 literacy, language and numeracy teachers from tertiary institutions, community organisations, workplaces and private training establishments.

Excert from the Introduction:
"The purpose of this study was to start the process of exploring literacy, numeracy and language teaching by observing how 15 tutors in a cross-section of LNL contexts actually teach their students these skills. The results of this study should not be taken as a definitive study where the results can be generalised to all literacy, numeracy and language teachers in New Zealand. Rather, as an exploratory study involving only a small number of teachers and limited observation durations, it is intended to give a glimpse into what probably goes on in a reasonable number of these classrooms. As such, we hope that the findings will provoke debate not only about whether or not our findings are truly indicative of literacy, numeracy and language provision, but more importantly, what literacy, numeracy and language teachers should be doing as teachers."

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