Standing up for Literacy (2006)

Pre-budget Consultations

This is the (MCL) Movement for Canadian Literacy’s submission to the federal Pre-Budget Consultations of April 2006. In their recommendations, they have highlighted areas that they believe the federal government can and should address immediately. MCL states that movement on these recommendations is a crucial first step to the creation of a broader, long-term pan-Canadian literacy strategy that will involve all levels of governments and sectors of society in tackling our literacy challenges.

Recommendation 1: Recommend that the federal government position literacy as a policy and funding priority and resume its efforts to develop a comprehensive Pan-Canadian Literacy Strategy in cooperation with the provinces and territories and other stakeholders.

Recommendation 2: Immediately assign additional federal funds to literacy, as recommended by the all-party Parliamentary Standing Committee on Human Resources Development and the Status of Persons with Disabilities in its 2003 report.

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