Generating Growth (1995)

Improving Access to Capital by Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

This report of the Task Force on Access to Capital of the Canadian Labour Market and Productivity Centre discusses and makes recommendations concerning financing barriers relevant to small and medium-sized enterprises in Canada. The work of the Task Force builds on recommendations made by the CLMPC’s Economic Restructuring Committee in their 1993 report, Canada: Meeting the Challenge of Change.

Over the past decade, small and medium-sized firms have made major contributions to net job creation. Despite this fact, it is these companies, and especially the youngest among them, that encounter significant difficulties seeking external capital. The Task Force feels, further, that issues related to debt capital have tended to overshadow discussion of equity sources.

A central message of the Task Force is that equity capital should be given heightened emphasis in Canadian investment and financing, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s). Within the equity capital framework, there is a further need to explore in more detail the role and contributions of the relatively new labour-sponsored investment funds.

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