Trails to Literacy Around the Province (2002)

Positive Pathways To A Brighter Future

This report is developed to assist literacy agencies and their partners in developing a Trails to Literacy project. Trails is a ‘participatory’ learning concept developed to link learner-driven literacy upgrading with community marketing.

This report includes the following:
- Background on our original project at North Frontenac Literacy Program in Sharbot Lake, ON
- Different stages of the project:
Vision (includes goals, concept, benefits and recruiting)
Action (includes theory on authentic, collaborative and participatory learning)
Activities (includes pilot projects)
- Evaluation
- Suggested activities
- Sample forms

In a Trails project, practitioners and learners take part at various levels. The original goals, benefits and concepts need to be evaluated, as well as the activities and direction of the participants. Beyond this, the learning also has to be evaluated for the group and all individuals. Challenges and hopes for the future for Trails to Literacy will also be discussed.

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