Lost Contacts: How to Prevent Them (2006)

This project looked at the issue of losing contact with learners and adopted the following three objectives as a result:

To analyze the data relating to lost contacts within the four Ontario literacy streams (Anglophone, Native, Francophone and Deaf).

To consult literacy providers in the field in order to achieve the following:
- Identify the reasons for which contact is lost with certain learners.
- Identify the practices in use that can limit or reduce lost contacts.
- Identify the procedures used to perform student follow-ups; three months and six months; after students have exited from the Literacy and Basic Skills Program (LBS).

To identify for the benefit of literacy providers the practices that can limit or reduce lost contacts as well as the practices that ensure follow-ups are performed with students three months and six months after they have exited the LBS program.

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